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Artistic Decors

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Artistic Decors

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Artistic Decors

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Artistic Decors

Artistic Decors is one of the best interior design company in Pune specializing in the finest design with simplicity. Our desire is to create significant spaces that enhance the quality of your life.

At Artistic Decors, We focus on working closely with our clients to create personalized, worry-free design experiences, helping families and businesses express themselves through their unique spaces. We are committed to creating artistic designs that not only look gorgeous but also represent your lifestyle, taking our own tastes out of the equation and focusing on your personal style.

We are known to build a long-term relationship with our customers.


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Question Related Interior design

01Which services do Artistic Decors offer?

We not only provide exclusive design services, but we also assist you throughout the implementation process and follow you at various phases till the site is complete. You may choose your material vendors and labors based on personal recommendations or from our list of preferred vendors and contractors. In addition, we can assist you with the choosing process.

02The finances are something to be worried about, so, can I know more a bit about budget-management and the increase or decrease of prices??

We charge flat design fees for the full project (no percentage-based pricing). The fees are completely independent of the cost of the materials and do not fluctuate in any way. You will have complete budget management. You can use any materials you like and don't have to worry about increasing or decreasing design expenses.

03Where are Artistic Decors located?

Artistic Decors is currently located in Pune and offers interior design services across India.

04Do you take inspiration or try to copy other’s work?

No. We don't use templates or imitate other people's designs. Our designs are custom made to order and based on your preferences, references, and suggestions.

05Do you provide quotations of the entire project with execution?

Only design and advice are our specialties!! However, by analyzing the layout drawings of your flat or Bungalow, we provide a provisional estimate so that you may obtain an idea of the budget. It is sufficient for us to comprehend your needs to provide a rough budget estimate.

06Do Artistic Decors Take Their Fees One Time Only?

ArtisticDecors normally allows you to pay your costs in two installments. The first installment is an advance payment sent at the time of registration, with the remainder due before the detailed 2d/3d drawing is issued once you have accepted the designs.

07Why Do Artistic Decors Take Their Entire Payment Before Completion Of Project?

Artistic Decors specializes in providing just design services for your project. When the detailed drawings are authorized and submitted to you for further execution, ArtisticDecors delivery for the design service is complete. We provide additional 'assistance' to our clients during the implementation process by clarifying design elements to your chosen contractors.

08Is The Advance Amount Refundable?

The advance amount is non-refundable in any case.

09Who Is Responsible For Quality Of Materials And Quality Of The Work Of Contractors?

Artistic Decors makes no warranties or representations about the quality of materials, artistry, pricing, or timeliness of any suppliers or contractors. On the other hand, Artistic Decors is in charge of explaining drawings to contractors on Artistic Decors' preferred list. You're also in charge of ensuring that the builder's work (flooring, toilet, kitchen otta and dado, electrical wiring, POP, and painting) is completed to the specifications. Artistic Decors is not liable for the builder's poor execution, finishing, or any delays.

10How much time does project take?

We provide you with a timeline and a rough project plan at the registration step. We keep track of the project's progress stage by step. The length of time it takes to complete a project is mostly determined by design revisions and adjustments, as well as prompt payment. Changes in the design concept, material choices, and delayed payments to Artistic Decors, vendors, or contractors are the most common causes of delays.

11Have you offered your services in different sectors earlier, like residential and commercial?

Yes, Artistic Decors provided design services for residential and commercial venues in the past.

12Do You Offer Design for A Home With Existing Furniture Or For Just A Part Of The Home?

Yes, We offer designing services for a home with existing furniture or for just a part of your home.

13Do You Work If We Are Already Staying Flat In Which Interior Needs To Be Done?

Yes!! However, the completion date cannot be guaranteed because the contractors will not be able to begin work on all rooms simultaneously in this case. Please keep in mind that the POP work and painting base coat completely filibusters the area in such situations. It is not suggested to have the interiors done while remaining in the same flat if you have children under two or if you are pregnant.

14Is there any benefit of working with vendors and contractors directly?

  • To maintain maximum transparency, Artistic Decors allows you to choose contractors from your list or our preferred list
  • You can negotiate all discounts directly with them
  • Last but not least, you pay them directly

15How Many Revision Cycles Do You Offer?

We provide a variety of design alternatives and changes until you are completely satisfied with the designs. However, any adjustments requested after the design approval and preparation of the detailed drawing will be charged. These updates will only be made when the designer is free from their other clients' projects.

16Do You Accept Project On Immediate Basis?

Yes, we work on time-sensitive projects. We ensure that every project receives the time and attention it deserves to justify the design and consulting expenses you pay us because we provide personalised designs, which are inherently time-consuming. All of our projects are only registered on the first of each month for those who filled out and signed the registration form between the 25th and 30th of the previous month. For a smooth execution, our projects are prioritised properly.<

17Do You Have A Copyright On Your Designs?

Artistic Decors retains ownership of all designs, drawings, and work completed by Artistic Decors.

18What Are Artistic Decors Responsibilities?

Artistic Decors is in charge of all designs completed to your specifications, explaining the approved designs to all contractors, and answering any questions. Artistic Decors is not responsible for any aspect of the work for which the vendor or contractor is responsible or for any act that is not in compliance with Artistic Decors' design and drawings. Before executing the work, the Client and contractor must study and understand each working/detailed drawing, and clarifications must be requested from an Artistic Decors executive. Artistic Decors is not responsible for any changes made by the client after the work has been completed or for errors caused by a lack of comprehension of the design and drawings. Any errors detected in the designs by the client/contractor must be reported to Artistic Decors before work is completed.